About Us


In March of 2008, David Galloway and Michael Izenbaard formed Heartland Home Mortgage LLC.  With over 33 years of excellent track records in working directly with clients, our knowledge, experience and most of all passion to serve lead us to form Heartland Home Mortgage LLC to provide the best options and most informed home financing process.  Our Christian beliefs and morals have inspired our up-front and honest approach to deliver the most enjoyable transaction.

What sets us apart from our competition?

Besides offering some of the best interest rates, closing costs and underwriting guidelines there are, we take our time to make sure you don’t have to use yours. Since our first day in business, it’s our first choice to come sit with our clients in their homes, to make sure you don’t have to take more time out of your day to find a banker, during banker’s hours. This also allows us to establish a level of trust, getting to know who our client is and make sure we identify their truest needs of the financing process. We are a local Michigan lender, specializing in lending in our great state, which helps us know what works best for our clients.

In 2008, during the financial meltdown, Dave Galloway and Michael Izenbaard formed Heartland Home Mortgage, LLC to make sure the great people of Michigan knew they had a lender out there that still believed in them and wanted to use that experience to help them make their finances more affordable or still accomplish that dream of homeownership.

Meet Our Team

David Galloway

Office:  616-288-1235
Email: daveg@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  121787

Michael Izenbaard

Office:  616-288-1234
Email: mikei@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  121830

Jeffrey Seeback
Senior Loan Officer

Office:  616-288-1238
Email: jeffs@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  128907

Jason Sibley
Loan Officer

Office:  616-288-1231
Email: jasons@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  158104

Brett Van Heulen
Loan Officer

Office:  616-288-1232
Email: brettv@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  158057

Alex Ohlrich
Loan Officer

Office:  616-288-1237
Email: alexo@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  971183

Joseph Collins
Loan Officer

Office:  616-288-1230
Email: joec@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  1204341

Chris Alicki
Loan Officer

Office:  616-818-1230
Email: chrisa@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  209290

Jon Ghebremichael
Operations Coordinator

Office:  616-288-1236
Email: jong@hhmlending.com
Fax:  616-974-9530
NMLS:  1204337

Nikki Gunter

Michelle Saenz